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• Why should we outsource our works to you ?
One of the major benefits of working with us is the cost savings. Collaborating with us gives you a cost benefit of around 40-60% as compared to in-house cost. We help you a faster delivery of your projects to your clients as you can spend around 16-18 hours on a project instead of 8 hours. You can quickly ramp up the team in case of immediate requirements without worrying about infrastructure investments.  In case of recessions you have the option of contracting the team size. Clients  thus avoids incurring additional costs of hiring permanent employees and spending huge amounts on  buying or leasing a real estate, insurance of staff members, training staff , etc. Working with us would also enable you to have your in-house staff focus on other important tasks like designing, site supervisions, business development etc. Thus, working with us allows you to spend major portion of the fee on designing rather than spending on production.

• How does data transfer takes place?
Data Transfer takes place through password protected FTP sites. Number sites could be either ours or yours.

• How and when will you communicate with us?
Our Project Managers would interact with you on a daily basis via phone calls and emails.

• How do you maintain Quality of work?

We have strict Quality processes in place. All drawings undergo following levels of Quality checks before leaving our studios:

Technical Accuracy
: We deliver coordinated design packages to you.
CAD Accuracy: Project Mangers reviews and check the drawings for CAD accuracy like layers, line weights, drawing precision etc.
Graphical  Accuracy. We maintain your graphical and notational styles and follow your drawing standards to make them look like your in house drawings.

• Who would be the point of contact at your end?

Sr. Architects would be the Project Managers of your job and would be the single point of contact. They would stay in touch with you everyday via emails, phonecalls etc.

• What about confidentiality issues?

Client confidentiality is Design Presentation’s foremost concern. We maintain strict confidentiality agreements with both clients & employees. We ensure the identities of all clients’ projects, designs, drawings, graphics/ supporting sensitive materials and no sharing or publication of their images or data without the prior written approval from the client.

• What should be the scale of the project to collaborate?

We can collaborate with you on any project belonging to any industry segment at any stage of designing. We have experienced architects to take care of any level of work.

• What formats the files would be delivered to us?

We exchange drawings in PDF, JPG, DWF formants usually for the intermediate submissions where you can take the plot of the files directly in order to save time. We do send editable CAD files for the final submission along with any other necessary format demanded by you. Editable CAD files could be delivered to you for the intermediate submissions on demand.

• In what all ways could i send you the information?

The information could be sent to us in a number of ways. Easiest one is redlining the drawings and uploading them as a scanned pdf or jpg file to the FTP site or as an email attachment. You can also send us sketches, photographs, e-markups, instructions via emails, phonecalls etc.

• In what format can the drawings be sent?

The files could be sent to us in any format. Paper drawings could be scanned and emailed to us as JPEG, PDF, and TIFF format. Soft copy of the drawings could be either uploaded on the FTP sites or could be emailed to us as an attachment.

• In what resolution should the paper drawings be scanned?

The paper drawings could be scanned starting from 150 DPI - 200 DPI resolutions. The most important part is the clarity of the information to be sent.

• What kind of turnaround time can be expected for a project?

The turnaround time of the project depends upon your delivery schedule and the output from your end. We allocate resources at our end as per your deadline schedules.

• How do you estimate the cost of the project?
Once we receive project from your end our technical team comprising up of experienced architects and engineers examines the scope of work and finalise the list of deliverables for the project. We then calculate the number of man-hours required to complete the drawing package.

The Drawings look guys are terrific!! You ROCK!
Project Manager of design firm.

Thanks for the quick turn. Our clients love this service. You are making us look good.
Sr. Designer of design firm.

Thanks!! you look great!! Your service is crushing our old vendor.
Project coordinator Engineering firm.

Thank you very much for the quick turnaround. Everything looks great...once again you amaze me. Project Manager of leading Architectural firm.

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