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Design Presentation’s Design support services model is simple yet comprehensive service model for the AEC industry, where professional teams work at both the ends in coordination, sharing responsibilities to produce desirable and profitable results. We partner with clients on a given project, helping them optimise resources at our end to achieve mutual benefits. Our services help clients expand their global delivery capabilities and are designed specifically to respond to the client's specific needs. Following are the stages involved during the lifecycle of any project:

Initiation stage
 • Review of current set of drawings of the project in reference to the similar sample package received from the client.
 • Identification & Finalisation of Scope and schedule with detail task list.
 • Setting up milestone delivery dates as per clients ’ deadlines
 • Allocation of resources and setting up of project team as per delivery schedules
 • Setting up communication protocol with client.
 • Detail understanding of client's Documentation and Designing Standards.

Implementation stage
 • Developing Quality Standards for the clients
 • Performing multi-level QA/QC Inspection of the deliverables
 • Create various checklists to review the drawings for Technical accuracy, CAD accuracy and Graphical accuracy
 • Maintain daily timesheets to monitor daily project status
 • Take regular feedback from the client on the deliverables
 • Regular reviews with the client on project status and quality.
 • Create a library of client specific standards and templates that could be used on other projects.
 • Training the team on client specific standards.
 • Maintaining regular communication with the clients to ensure there are no communication gaps. Various ways of communication    includes emails, Phone calls, Video-conferencing, online project review meetings etc. We ensure that the project teams have a    few hours of overlap with the client for project discussions and interaction.

The Drawings look guys are terrific!! You ROCK!
Project Manager of design firm.

Thanks for the quick turn. Our clients love this service. You are making us look good.
Sr. Designer of design firm.

Thanks!! you look great!! Your service is crushing our old vendor.
Project coordinator Engineering firm.

Thank you very much for the quick turnaround. Everything looks great...once again you amaze me. Project Manager of leading Architectural firm.

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