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Why Design Presentation

In a globalised economy, businesses are continuously looking out to reduce operational costs, faster delivery of projects, increase productivity gains and improve competitive position. Design Presentation’s design support services model is the most apt solution for the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry, where teams at both the ends work in a coordinated manner to achieve profitable gains. Our design support services provide a cost effective solution to scale requirements; in addition, it also provides benefits like reducing turnaround time on project and adoption of best practices from related industries.

Our design support services provide the following advantages to the AEC firms worldwide:
Allows you to focus on core business rather than production
  • Reduce project costs and improve project margins by 50-60%
  • Time Zone advantage
  • Improvement in the delivery schedule by 40-50%
  • Enable you to streamline operations during peak & lean periods

No infrastructure investments

The Drawings look guys are terrific!! You ROCK!
Project Manager of design firm.

Thanks for the quick turn. Our clients love this service. You are making us look good.
Sr. Designer of design firm.

Thanks!! you look great!! Your service is crushing our old vendor.
Project coordinator Engineering firm.

Thank you very much for the quick turnaround. Everything looks great...once again you amaze me. Project Manager of leading Architectural firm.

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